Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Piano Teacher

I recently had one of those happy piano teacher moments that make my efforts all worthwhile! Several of my students participated in our local teachers’ association Festival a couple of weeks ago. One of them is a dear little first year beginner who is extremely timid, and often plays so softly that the keys don’t sound. Preparing two pieces from memory was very difficult for her, and we both worked really hard to be ready for the Festival. I was determined that I wanted her to have a good experience because I was afraid that negative comments might be devastating to her. But, she learned her pieces, earned a superior rating for her performance and scored 97 on her theory test! At her next lesson, we read the judge’s nice comments, and I passed along her 2 certificates with the coveted gold seals for the superior rating and the A on theory. Her reaction was…mild. I was disappointed. But, as she left with her mom, I saw her through my front windows. Her face opened and lit up as she waved her certificates in the air and did a happy dance on my front steps. I love my job!

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