Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Videos To Improve My Teaching

Since I'll have a lighter load in the summer, I plan to explore videos that will improve my teaching. Specifically, I’m looking for videos that address pedagogical issues or show teachers in action. I’ve started a list (in no particular order), but if my blogosphere friends know of more, please share them in the comments!

(The first 3 are available online for free!)

1. The many “see it in action” videos at Faber and Faber website. There are teaching demonstrations of every page in the Primer Level lesson book of Piano Adventures.

2. The Leon Fleischer masterclass videos on the late Schubert sonatas.

3. The many videos at The Piano Podcast by Mario Ajero.

4. Mary Gae George’s pedagogy videos, Teaching Music Not Notes and Teaching the Elementary Pianist.

5. Conversations With Frances Clark: Her Life and Teachings – currently unavailable but being reformatted for DVD. The second volume, Her Books and Methods is available in VHS on the same page.

6. Freeing the Caged Bird - Developing Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Piano Technique by Barbara Lister-Sink.

7. Bach Performance on the Piano [DVD Video] by Angela Hewitt

8. The 4-volume set of Nelita True at Eastman. Two of these are still available at Amazon, but only in VHS format, which I can’t play. I wonder if these are available anywhere in DVD?

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