Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Week's Twitter Gleanings

Sphinx Kids: music games and info on composers and instruments (including a section on minority composers). The Sphinx organization brings classical music into under-served schools nationwide and aims to increase the participation of Blacks and Latinos in music schools, as professional musicians, and as classical music audiences.

How Children, Adults, and Communities Benefit from Choruses: A 2009 study by Chorus American indicates that "singing in one of the 270,000 choruses in the U.S., such as a community chorus or a school or church choir, is strongly correlated with qualities that are associated with success throughout life."

A unique public art installation involves 30 pianos in public locations throughout London to encourage impromptu performances and sing-alongs among strangers. Hmmm...wondering how those pianos are holding up in the London weather?

The Marriage of Mozart and Mindfulness: "Practice, if simply viewed as repetition, does not make perfect but merely permanent," notes the report, published in the journal Psychology of Music. In contrast, the authors assert, "Individual attention to novel distinctions and subtle nuances appears to alter the process of creative ensemble performance and lead to music that is more enjoyable to perform and hear." This article suppports what good teachers have always said - listen to yourself and play every note with intention.

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