Friday, April 9, 2010

Attention, Droid App Developers: iPhone Apps I Wish I Had

Droid app developers, you have a lot of catching up to do in the field of music education!

My old cell phone was on its last leg, and it was time to upgrade. I was enamored with my friend's iPhone, but we didn't want to change to a different service provider. So, last week, I decided to take the smart phone plunge with Motorola Droid. Interestingly, my new experiences with the world of smart phones coincided with an email from a reader asking if I knew of any good music ed apps for the iPod Touch. I've never had an iAnything, so I began researching. I discovered that the iPhone and iPod Touch have a gajillion great apps for music education. Alas, while Droid has many ways to listen to music, the selection for music education doesn't even come close. Now, even though I love most things about my new phone, I'm feeling a little left out!

So, Droid app developers, take note - literally! We want note flashcards, key signature flashcards, ear-training apps, interval flashcards, rhythm trainers, a music dictionary (preferably one that pronounces the terms), music theory games, practice logs, composer information, etc.

Wish List of iPhone Apps That I'd Like For Droid

This is by no means an exhaustive list - there are many, many more, perhaps some very good ones that I've missed! Keep in mind that I have no experience with these, so this is not an endorsement. These looked intriguing to me, at least, and I'd probably investigate them if I had an iGadget. If your students have iGadgets, they might find them helpful and fun.

Musicopoulos: Music Theory and Practice by SpartanApps

Nota by All Forces

Rhythm in Reach by Westover

Scales and Modes by Smappsoft

Practica by Mvsicha

Musictionary Music Dictionary by Andreas Lindahl


Tritone by Nate Murray (ear-training - free)

Blue Note Music Flashcards

SightRead by Takanori Sato

Mozart by RoGame Software

Composer of the Day by Wittenberg University (free)

Sight-reading and Key Signature trainers by Bidbox

eScore by Virtuosi LLC

Mariel highlights some of the free apps that she likes here. And, here are more great ideas on using your mobile phone as a practice aid, even without apps.

Droid Resources I Like

Musical for Android by Christopher Souvey - The metronome saved me from buying a new one to keep at church for organ practice, but this is the only feature that I'm actually using. I have the free version.

YouTube App - I frequently find myself wanting to search YouTube during a student's lesson to find a performance of a piece, show how a harpsichord looks and sounds, etc. But, since I usually have a student sitting at my laptop doing theory games, the laptop's not always available. Now, I can just grab my phone!

Calendar: I use the Music Teacher's Helper studio management service which conveniently allows me to sync my teaching calendar with my google calendar. Because the calendar on the Droid syncs with google calendar, my entire teaching schedule is now on my phone. Awesome!

Potentially Helpful

Droid Apps For Working Musicians - blog post by Shagtastic Voyage that highlights some useful record-keeping apps for gigging musicians.

Shazam - Identify music from any source - non-classical music, that is. (Sigh.)


Anonymous said...

Hi There!

I'm a piano teacher in Wisconsin new to blogging and have been browsing fellow teacher's websites and blogs for inspiration.

I hope you don't mind, but I linked to your post today. I DO own an iphone and have been using it as a resource in my own studio, so I thought I'd share what apps have been helpful to me.

I love all of your insights that you share on your blog! Keep up the good work!

Laura Lowe said...

Welcome, Mariel! Glad you found the post helpful!

Jennifer Eklund said...

All about Android over here: