Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Studio Management Resources

1. What Would You Do?

One of my favorite writers at the Music Teacher's Helper blog is Ed Pearlman who has been writing a series entitled "What Would You Do?" There are eleven posts in the series so far that present fictional scenarios many of us have encountered. These include case-studies of teaching dilemmas as well as studio management issues. For instance, what if you get stuck in traffic and you are 10 minutes late for your student's lesson, and she leaves before you arrive? Readers are invited to share in the comments how they'd address these and other situations.

2. Studio Documents for Teachers

Robyn over at Music Teaching Success has posted a video of an interview with Dr. Beth Klingenstein and Lee Galloway at the 2010 MTNA Nat'l Conference. They share some good ideas for managing the business side of things.

3. Business Practices Q & A

This document by Martha Beth Lewis is a great reference for anyone wrestling with policy issues. It covers everything from makeup lessons to what to do with your brand new puppy while you teach.

4. Makeup Lessons

Every independent teacher grapples with the question: To Give or Not to Give Makeup Lessons

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