Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Create Free Online Surveys With Google Docs

Picture by visionello.

It's summer time, and the living is...well...still pretty busy for me! I have lots on my plate, including some weighty responsibilities with our local music teachers association, and I'm thrilled to find a new tool that helps lighten my workload. I thought you all might be interested in it as well.

While I was researching how I could create an online anonymous survey for our MTA, I discovered the survey tool at Google docs. It's free and easy to use. You can have unlimited questions, and respondents can enter text responses, check boxes, choose from a list, use multiple choice, or enter an answer on a scale of 1 to whatever. You can embed the survey on a web page, send it as a clickable form within an email, or just invite folks to visit the link. You can have respondents enter a name or respond anonymously. Even if they fill out the survey from within their email and hit "submit," their identity is hidden. Google enters all of the responses on a spreadsheet, and you can also view a summary with charts and graphs of all of the information. Cool, huh?

I can imagine this being a wonderful way to conduct year-end student evaluations (see Natalie's super post about these) or poll parents about potential recital dates. This is turning out to be a super way to survey our local MTA about their wishes for our upcoming year, and I can see myself using it again to collect feedback after events.

Visit this page for a detailed written tutorial, and follow this link for a YouTube tutorial. Let me know if you use it and find it helpful!


Anonymous said...

I used google docs for my end of the year questionnaire this year and it worked really nicely. They even have a piano themed template!! See here:

I figured it was one less sheet of paper to get lost on the way home :) Students/Parents can just jump online and complete the survey in a couple minutes.

Genny said...

You have just made my life infinitely easier! I only wish I had found your post before I stayed up til 1 AM doing it the long way last night!

Laura Lowe said...

Oh, no, Genny! Well at least you'll have google docs as a resource next time!