Saturday, August 27, 2011

Studio Decorations

Lately, my days feel short and my to-do lists are as long as my arm. School has started, parenting responsibilities now include homework and transportation to activities, regular lessons have resumed, and regular organ practicing is back on track. This year's personal priority is to be more fit, and that means regular trips to the Y and more time with the munchkin on the tennis court. All of this means that I'm not likely to stick to a blogging schedule. But, I'm still going to be blogging, never fear! However, after this Monday, I'll absolve myself of the regular schedule of Monday Parent Tips. They'll be sporadic Monday tips. This Monday's post will be about makeup lessons. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some great quotes for your piano studio. I found them on my latest favorite internet time-waster, Pinterest which referred me to this great blogger and a whole collection of these quotes. I'm going to frame these four and hang them in my studio.

hard work

Use What Talents

it's okay

Dare to Be Remarkable

Here's the quote I'm remembering for myself this year!


Luba said...

Those are great! I'm with you on needing to remind myself of the last one :-) And I just discovered Pinterest too. Killing time on it has been my little reward for getting through my to-do list each day as I get ready for the start of teaching! Good luck with the coming year!

Grace Miles said...

These are very cute and bright!
I happened to stop by through another blog, so this is my first time here. But I like what I see, and I'll be coming back!
Thanks for sharing!

Andrea Dow said...

These are so visually appealing! Love them and will use them :) Thanks for sharing!