Friday, August 1, 2014

80+ Pinterest Boards For Teaching Piano

Let me start with an apology, because if you click on any of these links, you are going to hate me. I'm so sorry. You are about to be sucked into a black hole of endless piano teaching resources. Every link you click will provide you with several more links to follow. If you love your work, as I do, you may never escape!

Here follows a MONSTER list of links to Pinterest boards with teaching ideas, in no particular order. I guarantee that within just a few minutes, you'll discover a great idea you want to incorporate into your teaching plans. I also guarantee that you can't click on just one board. I've bolded a few of the notable boards that are buried within the list, but there are fabulous ideas in all of these.

If your Pinterest board is not here, and you'd like it to be, please leave a link to it by using the linky tool at the end of the post. You can help to spread the word about this directory by pinning this post! Also, I'd LOVE to have you follow my own board which is no. 1 on the list, of course!

Again, I'm so sorry! ;-) 

1. Laura Lowe: 

2. Carrie Zak:

3. Beverly Cox:

4. Desert Valley MTA:

5. Mallory Harris:

6. Diane Hidy:

7. Kelly Bordeaux: - several boards

8. Debbie Lumpkin:

9. Saralyn:

10. Piano Gal Val:

11. Midnight Music:

12. Marina Hayes:

13. Elizabeth Piturachsatit:

14. Mary Miller:

15. Ninn:

16. Emily Matthew: - several boards to explore

17. Teletha Newell:  and

18. Carla Lowery: - several boards to explore

19. Deb Gough Wensel:

20. Natalie Shaw:

21. Pamela Robinson:

22. Angie Lewis:

23. Kathy Davis:

24. Patti Kolk:

25. Brittany Wilbourn:

26. Natalie Beebe:

27. Claire Westlake: - many boards to explore

28. Emily Zook:

29. Nicole Rich:

30. Marianne Marlor:

31. Lori Nielson:

32. Lana Hughes:

33. Ashley Caldwell Brown:

34. Amber Salas-Zuniga:

35. Tami Baird:

36. Julie Williams:

37. Amy Losee:

38. Penny Wiese:

39. Kathleen Hayes:

40. Jessica Grant:

41. Nicole Lookabough:

42. Jessica Hansen:

43. Carri Corbitt:

44. Patti Widener:

45. Heather McCook:

46. Shana Eliott:

47. Alta Joy:

48. Jessica Finch:

49. Andrea Dow:

50. Kristen Taylor: - lots of boards to explore

51. Wendy Stevens: - lots of boards to explore

52. Cammie Call Titus:

53. Kamalani Hansen:

54. Leslie Thackery:

55. Susan Paradis: - lots of boards

56. Laura:

57. Natalie Wickham: - several boards

58. Andrea Dow / Teach Piano Today:

59. Jenny Boster:

60. Gail Fischler / The Piano Addict:

61. Heidi Neal:

62. Wendy Chan: - many boards

63. Carolyn Medrano:

64. Barb Wagner: - several boards

65. Melody Payne:

66. Rhonda Hunter:

67. Heart and Soul Music Studio:

68. Alicia Dunlap:

69.  Janice Potvin:

70.  Karlyn Peterson-Lundquist:

71.  Maria Wonch:

72.  Deanna Lodge:

73.  Jennifer Hewitt:

74.  Christy Hollinshead:

75.  Kelly Nelson:

76.  Tiffany Shepherd:

77.  Clavier Companion:

78.  Rachel Thomas:

79.  Tim Topham:

80.  Nadine Reece:

81.  Jennifer Foxx: - 3 boards

82.  Leila Viss: - several boards

83.  Heather Nanny: - many boards!

84.  Sara's Music Studio:

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