Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Student Binder Inserts In My Etsy Shop!

There are new teacher resources listed in my Etsy shop:  four inserts for your students' piano binders which will help them focus on the things that really matter! The "21-Day Challenge" sheet can be used for any student in your studio while the others are intended for second-year students and beyond. These are effective because they require the students to really do some thinking. I hope you'll find these pages useful! There are more resources coming, including a give-away, so stay tuned!  


1.  My Goals For Piano gives students a format for listing their yearly goals and writing action steps to make those goals happen! Watch how they'll soar when they know exactly what they want to accomplish! 

2.  The 21-Day Challenge Chart will help motivate your students to make practicing a habit!  It's been said that it takes 21 days to establish a habit.  Use this chart to challenge your students to practice for 21 days during the month of September. (Or any month you choose! Every month??!) Students color in a note for every practice day until they've finished 21. Consider offering a prize to students who complete the chart within the first month of lessons.

3. The New Piece Worksheet helps your students do a little score study before even playing the first note!  They'll see the time signature, the key, the dynamics, all of the directions on the page, the repeats, and the form of their piece before ever making a sound! Use this worksheet for the first several months, and you'll establish the habit of surveying the terrain before jumping right in.

4. My Scale Worksheet will help students really master scales and intervals.  It offers a place to write in fingering on a keyboard as well as to notate the scale on the staff. Your students will review the key signature, the tonic and dominant note, and the intervals that can be derived from the scale. For students not ready to use the entire sheet, have them do only the appropriate parts by highlighting what you want them to complete. Students will retain the knowledge more readily if they write it themselves!

Please drop by my Etsy shop and check out these sheets as well as my practice incentive and studio theme program:  Findin' Buried Treasure! More resources are on the way!