Monday, August 11, 2014

Pirate-Themed Games, Prizes, Music, and DIYs!

If you're using my new incentive program, Findin' Buried Treasure, you might enjoy checking out some of the following products and printables. Also, don't forget that International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19, 2014! That's a Friday, so plan to talk like a pirate all week - 9/15-9/19!

Cute muslin pirate treat bags - for loot!

First up is this great musical terms game from Making Music Fun:  Pirate Quest

A game for learning musical symbols:  Pirate Treasure Hunt

Here's a musical treasure hunt game by FPS Resources!

Here's a printable "Treasurer Hoarder" certificate. This is perfect for use with Findin' Buried Treasure!  I wish I had found this back when I did this program! Treasurer Hoarder Certificate

Print these pirate-themed images out on sticker paper and cut them apart. They’re supposed to be rewards for potty training, but nobody has to know that!!  Stickers

Make your own spyglass and use it to "take a closer look" at a troublesome passage! DIY Spyglass

Free sheet music from Making Music Fun:  A Pirate I Am

Jennifer Eklund's New Horizon's Songbook has several pieces that would tie in nicely with the theme:  Sailing, New Horizons, Guiding Light, Journey's End.

Pirate music at Prima:  Pirate Related Music

Pirate music at Pepper:  Pirate Related Music

Pirate music at MusicNotes:  Pirate Related Music

Rewards and Trinkets

Party food:
     pirate bananas
    Pirate flags on orange slice boats floating on blue jello - just adorable!

Pirate-themed fabric can be used in lots of ways. I used some as a background on my bulletin board
Pirate-themed fabric on Etsy

Feel free to add any other pirate related ideas you find in the comments section!