Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#TempoVirtuoso Activity For Learning Tempo Words

I'm willing to bet that your students are a lot like mine. At some point after trying to remember the difference between Allegro, Allegretto, Allargando, Adagio, Andante, and Accelerando, their eyes start to cross. Here's a fun way to teach all of those tempo words using something that they do already - hashtagging!

Our students are all social media experts. You probably won't have to explain to them what hashtagging is, but in case you need a refresher yourself, think of them as keyword links that help to organize posts that have something in common. You can create a hashtag by putting the pound sign (#) in front of a word or short phrase with no spaces. #ThisIsAHashtag. (Capital letters are optional.)

Sometimes hashtags are merely keywords, but sometimes they are humorous comments or further insights. For instance, a friend of mine who has a camper trailer always hashtags her instagram posts about camping with #Chasing68Degrees. Even younger students who are not yet using social media grasp hashtagging pretty quickly.

I've created a new teaching resource to help your students learn 18 tempo words and it's on sale in my etsy shop, #TempoVirtuoso! You'll get an instructions page for the teacher, a reference page with 18 words and definitions that you can print for each student, and a set of index cards for every word that can be printed for each student. You'll have studio rights to print them for all students forever within your own studio, just please don't sell it or share it with another studio.

This is a great opportunity for creativity! Some of the hashtags my students have suggested for Allegro include #cheetah, #myskink (because his pet skink runs quickly), #racecar, #lunch (because she has to eat lunch fast at school), #needmoresugar, #bunny, #policecar, and more. The more personal or wild the association is, the more the student will remember it. This activity always sparks a lot of laughter!

So, #hurry to my Etsy Shop and check it out #presto! While you're there, be sure to check out the vintage items I have for sale. It's an eclectic shop!

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