Saturday, August 2, 2014

Announcing...A New Piano Practice Incentive and Studio Theme!

Drumroll please...I'm very happy to announce a new piano practice incentive program that you're going to love! Arrrr you ready for a fun yarrr in yer piano studio? Well then, put on your pirate hat, hoist the Jolly Roger, and get ready to find some buried treasure...treasure within your students, that is! Findin' Buried Treasure is just what you need to motivate your students to greater success!

A couple of years ago, I developed this program to use in my own studio, and it was a big hit! I finally cleaned and polished it all up for you, and it's for sale in my Etsy shop

Findin’ Buried Treasure is a piano studio incentive program and year-long theme. Your students will find treasure as they learn new pieces, master sight-reading skills, train their ears and fingers, and put new facts into their noggins. You decide what they learn, and the program gives you a format for recording keeping and rewarding their accomplishments. They’ll earn some fine gems and gold as they go! At the end of each month (or yarrr, it’s up to you), they can trade their loot for pirate doubloons and buy themselves a prize! 

This incentive program rewards students for practice results, not practice times. There’s no need to record practice minutes! Students earn gems for pieces learned to completion, technique activities like scales and arpeggios, ear-training and sight reading activities, and mastery of Knowledge Knuggets in theory.  Best of all, this incentive program is easy and quick to implement, easy to explain to your students, and provides a wealth of theming opportunities for the whole yarrr... uh, year! You can customize the program to your needs, leaving out what you don’t want to do, planning your own activities, etc. These are not rules; they’re more like guidelines, savvy?

Included in the purchase are three digital files. The first is a 4 page Teacher’s Guide and an optional bulletin board title page. The second is a file of student pages including a cover page, explanation of the program, record-keeping and motivational pages, and an assignment sheet. The third is a 10-page booklet of theory Knowledge Knuggets in increasing difficulty. Everything can be duplicated as many times as you need for all of your students. 

Keep yer spyglass trained on my Etsy shop for more items which will appear on the horizon!


Saundra said...

What age groups would this be appropriate? I can't really tell from the listing?

Laura Lowe said...

I used this program with students from first through 8th grades! It's very adaptable!