Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Good Reads

1.  Elissa Milne asks some provocative questions about creativity in Repertoire:  A Well-Defined Or Ill-Defined Problem?

2.  Tim Topham must have read my post a couple of weeks ago where I lamented that I often don't know the music my students listen to and ask to play. He answered some of my questions in How Do I Find Out What Pop Music To Teach?

3.  Dr. Noa Kageyama of The Bulletproof Musician explains why we should start lessons and practice sessions with more challenging material and end with easier things in The Peak-End Rule:  A Simple Way To Make Practicing Feel Less Like A Chore

4. This one isn't overtly about piano teaching, but still applicable for all creative people and small business owners.  Four Reasons We Don't Ask For What We Want

5.  Many of us revise our studio policies over the summer. Writing the policy is the easy part. Enforcing it is not always easy. Here's a good read to help you establish and maintain your boundaries. Establish Boundaries That Honor You.

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