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My compositions at (purchase here) include
       The First Noel for LH alone, intermediate
       Jesus Loves Me, intermediate
       He Is Born, intermediate

Piano Boot Camp:  Special Ops - purchase here
Lesson plans for a 5-day intensive summer camp experience for tweens and young teens.

Alphabet Acrobatics - a bundle of 8 worksheets to help students develop fluency with the musical alphabet.  - purchase here

Findin' Buried Treasure:  Piano Lesson Incentive Program and Studio Theme -  purchase here

Music Theory Knowledge Knuggets - a comprehensive syllabus of theory knowledge organized into small nuggets of information that can be covered a little at a time.  purchase here

Piano Student Binder Inserts - four sheets to help your students learn and stay motivated.  Includes a goals worksheet, a 21-day practice challenge chart, a new piece worksheet, and a scales worksheet. Purchase allows for duplication for all students of one teacher.  purchase here

Links referenced in Teacher's Guide to Piano Boot Camp:  Special Ops

Mozart’s Piano Sonata No 11 in A - Major, K.331 – exposition of 1st movement. Free download:,_K.331/300i_%28Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus%29 (from Busted Piano String blog:  Arm and Hand Stretches for Musicians

Barbara Lister-Sink's Freeing the Caged Bird: Potentially Harmful Technical Habits Part 2

Piano technique exercise:  drop / free falls applied on keyboard 

  Alfred’s Premiere Piano Course, Technique 1A – Tool 2

Alan Chan plays “I Am The King” from Faber Piano Adventures Level 2A:

Olga Jegunova  playing W.A. Mozart: Piano Sonata No 11 in A - Major, K.331 (300i)   

Piano Lessons For The Beginners. Wrist Relaxation Exercises – Irina Gorin 

Teaching With “Tales Of A Musical Journey”. Book 2. Legato Pairs. – Irina Gorin

Sharp and flat flashcards

Thumbprint art

Thumb alignment
 and also 

Teaching Kids Hard Work and Persistence

How To Improve Your Stage Presence

Performance Anxiety - Anxiety vs. Excitement

How To Look Confident On Stage - Even If You Don't Feel Like it

Kit-Kat Piano


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