Monday, May 16, 2016

Lodging for 88 Creative Keys Conference

If you're looking for a fresh dose of enthusiasm for your teaching, consider attending the 88 Creative Keys Conference in Denver, CO this summer. I attended last year and found it very worthwhile. If you're traveling alone, I have a great money-saving tip. Use airbnb for lodging. That's what I did. I stayed here. Since I can't attend this summer, I hope someone else will enjoy staying in Victoria's beautiful home!

Victoria was a great hostess, and is now a friend. Her home is in a nice, safe neighborhood, and she even has a grand piano! The pictures you see at airbnb are not exaggerated - that's exactly what her place looks like. The drive to this year's conference location is 21 minutes, according to Google maps. Last year's conference was in a different place, and I could drive there in 15, but I'd consider it worth the extra few minutes to know that I had a safe, beautiful place to stay - with a piano! She's currently available, so book now. Tell her I sent you!

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