Monday, November 9, 2020

New Video: How To Have A Great Hand Position At The Piano


My next 'splainer video is up! This one shows all of my tricks for having a good hand position at the piano, and includes clips of me demonstrating them with students. These videos are intended to be resources for my students and yours between their lessons. You can assign them to your students to watch if you like. For this one, I've started a new thing. I included a secret word. If my students watch the video and report back the secret word, they'll get an extra punch on their punch card. I wrote about the punch cards in this post a few weeks ago. You might like to do something similar. I'll be including a secret word in all videos going forward. The next video will be for teachers and parents, and will be all about adjustable benches.

One of my favorite tools for encouraging a good hand position is my warm fuzzy critter. His name is, cleverly enough, Fuzzy! I try to make one of these for each of my beginning students to take home. The preferred habitat for a warm fuzzy critter is the warm cave created by a human hand on the piano! He's just the right size for even little-bitty students. If you're crafty, you can make one with craft foam for the feet, a pom pom for the body, and some googly eyes. You'll need something like hot glue to stick it all together. Or, you can search at Etsy - try search words like pom pom critter or quiet critters. Elementary school teachers often use these as classroom incentives, and several crafters on Etsy sell them in bulk.

I'm still new to this YouTube business, having only created a few now. But, I'm excited by the new stuff I'm learning! Unfortunately, what I learned this time is that the video editor I've been using is not going to be sufficient, now that I've begun to get the hang of it. It won't do voice-overs, and I'm going to need that. Also, even though it I saved the video in a format for YouTube, the aspect ratio is wrong. Sigh. Back to the search for a good video editor. I will eventually fix the aspect ratio thing when I figure out how. Not going to delay getting the content out before then. I'm learning and improving as I go, and just as we all get better at piano with practice, I'll get better at this! I hope you'll subscribe to my channel and join me on that journey!

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Clara said...

Thanks for the great video! I love the bubble gum and marionette analogies!!