Monday, November 16, 2020

All About Adjustable Benches

This week's 'splainer video is intended for older students, piano parents, and piano teachers. If you have a child studying piano, or if you have people of varying heights all using the same piano bench, you need an adjustable model! Even adults of roughly the same height can need to sit at differing levels due to their arm and torso length. I consider an adjustable bench to be necessary equipment for piano teachers, and I don't know why piano manufacturers don't include adjustable benches with every piano purchase. The bench that came with my own piano is actually useless to me. It's higher than where I'm comfortable sitting and oddly, about an inch and a half higher than other non-adjustable benches. I currently have only 2 piano students it's perfect for. So, I use my adjustable bench for teaching and my own playing, and my non-adjustable one holds plants in front of a window. Works just great for that!

In this video, I'm going to show you why you need an adjustable bench and all of the styles I know about, as well as my favorite model. Be sure to read all of the reviews of the various benches before you make a decision.

My next video is about foot rests for students. Hope you'll subscribe to my channel!

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