Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Teaching Vocabulary

At the last meetings of our local teacher's association, one of our members shared a handout from a workshop she had attended. On the handout were lists of words and phrases that represent emotional content in music. I know that as I teach, I can often become too preoccupied with matters of mechanics - correct notes, rhythms, hand positions, etc. Reading through these words before my teaching day has helped me to keep musical expression at the forefront.

These are from Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg's Kritische Brief uber die Tonkunst. Stay tuned tomorrow for more words from Czerny.

1. Sadness
2. Gladness
3. Contentment
4. Repentence
5. Hope
6. Confidence, fright, anxiety, uneasiness, despair, terror
7. Longing
8. Uncertainty, inconstancy
9. Despondency
10. Love
11. Hate
12. Envy, ill will
13. Sympathy, mercy
14. Jealousy
15. Anger
16. Love of honor
17. Bashfulness
18. Courage, manliness, determination, intrepidity, perseverance, timidity, cowardice
19. Impudence, audacity, pride, arrogance
20. Modesty, humility
21. Friendliness, goodness, affection, favor, kindness, affability, generosity, conciliatory spirit, gentleness, friendship, harmony, gratefulness
22. Vengeance, vindictiveness, curse, malediction, fury, rage, discord, irreconcilability
23. Insensibility, indifference, ingratitude
24. Innocence
25. Laughter, joyfulness, weeping
26. Impatience, commotion

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